Graphic Design

Graphic Design

3D-Rex Studios specializes in high-impact, customized print solutions for regional, national, international campaigns and events.

Our in-house graphic designers are dedicated to provide our clients with the highest level of customer service. From the original graphic design idea, producing prototypes over fine tuning to putting finishing touches on a design and contacting printers and having the final product delivered to your doorstep 3D-Rex Studios will manage your company’s entire print needs.

Graphic Design​ Services

There’s no limit to what you’ll get designed at 3D-Rex Studios. Whether you are looking for a spectacular new logo or some stunning flyers, our talented designers at 3D-Rex Studios can make it happen. 3D-Rex Studios prides itself on its top quality designers who deliver only the best graphic design services. Find the proper design service for you below and get the results you’ll love!

We work with many printers directly in the Midwest, the East Coast and northwestern States, such as Oregon and Washington. The fact that we don’t have to utilize a print broker, rather do the brokering ourselves saves time and financial resources.

We also have excellent print contacts overseas in the U.K., Germany, Switzerland and Japan.

Branding and Corporate Identity

The Corporate Identity process starts by identifying the company’s inner culture and market vision, and combining it with a distinctive communication concept that is relevant to the brand, unique and memorable. Building brand awareness starts with branding design: a design manual is generated, where all logo uses and general design criteria such as use of color, fonts and space are specified. Applications cover not only print but also web and other media. This ensure the brand is consistently communicated and overall impact on the intended target is reinforced.

This is a series of logo concepts for an internationally streamed dance radio show. 

Collateral Design & Promotional Merchandise

3D-Rex Studios designs your collateral, stationery and promotional merchandise in-house and works with local, national and international vendors to make your campaign or event stand out. We can guarantee a short turn-around time on all standard items such as promotional merchandise such as pens, hats, shirts, cups, mugs, glasses, key chains, etc.

Special order items such as preloaded MP3 players, other electronic items like branded TVs, portable radios, head phones, miscellaneous items like umbrellas, wrapped fleet (cars & trucks), large scale banners and signs, sun sails, toys, etc. might take up to four weeks of lead time. Please call us with your inquiry!

Storyboard Design, Illustrations, Character Development

We take a careful approach in selecting the right keywords for your online marketing campaign. Ranking high for keywords which have no business benefits will hardly bring you any good results. We do a detailed anal3D-Rex Studios’ professional illustrators provide clients with custom, hand-drawn illustrations and storyboards.Here are a few examples of 3D-Rex work:​

Based on the project premise and outline, a storyboard designer can be of great help to visualize, understand and “feel” a character, the flow of an animation or the page transitions on a website by creating a storyboards. ​ Our professional illustrators take great pride in their creative work, which is reflected in stunning, illustrations, of which many have been sold by the artist once a project was finished. We also frequently have clients who request to keep the art work that was created for them in the process. It often times is displayed on site.​ysis and careful discussion with you to set the campaign keywords that are relevant to your business.

Industry Experience


We love our customers and they love our work. Over the years, we’ve received overwhelming support, love and inspiration from our clients.
It was important for me to find a group that I could communicate with on a level that I could was very easy for me to communicate what we wanted and for them to translate that to what worked.
Paul Woodard
Very successful project that included a complete responsive site build and custom programming to facilitate the presentation of research and other types of dsata.
Jerrold R. Turner, MD, PhD
Tight Junction Biology
3DRex has assisted Chipman Design with the production of multiple visually appealing and dynamic web sites.
Lauren Chipman
Chipman Design Architecture

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